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    Our school has been planned to provide a stimulating, safe, and healthy environment for your child.


    We are proud to follow the Creative Curriculum program because it echoes our sentiments on what an effective teaching strategy/curriculum would look like. We see it as one that is forward-thinking, comprehensive, research-proven, and respects a teacher’s critical role and creativity in making learning exciting and relevant for every child. Your child will also experience enrichment themes in their lessons; In addition to the Creative Curriculum, children will participate in focus themes/topics which are intended to bring practical knowledge basics to our children.


    At Bethany Academy, the play area is considered an extension of the classroom. We encourage our children to expend their energy and to play safe above all. Additionally, teachers plan nature walks, picnics and other kinesthetic learning opportunities to boost the body as well as the mind.


    We are committed to the safety and security of everyone in the center.

    Our protocol requires all parents to sign their child in and out each day of care. Alternate caregivers, authorized by children’s parents/guardians, must present two forms of identification and password information. Visitors are required to present identification and register in Visitor Logs. A security system is also on site in additional to these measures.

    Further, personnel in the center are prescreened for all required licensing provisions.

    Food safety services are in accordance with the recommended programs from the State of Pennsylvania.

    We review health and safety policies regularly in order to ensure continued peace of mind for both us and our parents.

    Meals and Snacks

    Meal time is more than just developing healthy eating habits. We think it’s about all about developing good manners: both at the table and while interacting with others. Your child is encouraged to eat right by eating healthy, politely, and respectfully with others.

    We will also collaborate with you regarding food allergies, family food values, and/ any other special dietary or nutritional requirements. We plan to work with you to determine a healthy meal plan for your child.

    *Our Lunch program is State sponsored and endorsed. Lunches are PA approved for nutritional content and overall child growth and development. Qualified parents may be eligible for free of reduced meal costs. Please contact us for eligibility inquiries.

    Field Trips

    School trips are great and memorable occasions. Away from their normal environments, kids and teachers alike look forward to learning outside the classroom. The purpose of each trip is to provide children immersion into a fun and educational experience. Parents are welcome to join!