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  • It’s a mood.

    One of the ways you can tell a classroom has good management is if the students are happy. Good behavior and contentment go hand-in-hand. This is true for a number of reasons, and we understand the importance of maintaining a pleasant mood in the classroom.

    It’s a feeling.

    Children don’t have to be sweaty and crimson-faced to have a good time. We don’t have to make the classroom riotous and chaotic. And we don’t have to be knee-slapping funny. In the hearts of kids, the warm feelings of safety, of being comfortable around teachers and their classmates, and of being part of an upbeat classroom is their definition of fun.

    Kimberly Cattolico – Fireflies

    Pre-K          Lead Teacher

    My name is Kimberly Cattolico, I am a Pre-K counts teacher at St. Stephens Day Care in the Fireflies room. Here I have been a teacher for two years. I graduated from Widener University with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and my master’s degree in Special Education.

    I believe introducing children to social concepts such as respect, pride, and a love of learning is, to me, equally important as introducing math, language, and science concepts. I also believe that respectful, caring bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation for a wonderful preschool experience. As a teacher of the young, I share with parents the responsibility for teaching their child. I have twenty kids in my classroom and I love every single one of them like they were my very own.

    Ms. Rose – Fireflies

    Hello, my name is Ms. Rose, and I am an assistant teacher in a Pre-K Counts classroom at Saint Stephen’s. I have a CDA in pre-school. In addition, I am presently working on my Associates degree in Early Childhood. I’ve been working for Saint Stephen’s Daycare for ten years. My teaching philosophy is to educate all children by teaching each child at his/her level and moving at the child’s pace.



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